Vi älskar transporter

Specialister på mässor och spedition sedan 1997

We love transports

Specialists in exhibition logistics and forwarding since 1997

Complex shipping challenges? No problem!

At On-Site, we are passionate about smooth global shipping solutions and we always strive to make deliveries both easier and more personal. From our main office in Gothenburg, Sweden, we have helped export companies with forwarding and logistics solutions to trade fairs all over the world – for almost 25 years.

Thanks to our large network of global shipping agents we can handle any transport needed to any location, whether it’s general cargo or trade fair goods. We deliver all the way to the exhibition stand – and back again. Why not let us run your entire trade fair tour stretching over 2 years? o assignment is too big or too small.

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Sattelitbild över Europa
Porträtt på Lena Ericson

Lena Ericson

MD / owner

+46 708 39 87 11
Porträtt på Daniel Forsell

Daniel Forsell

Project manager

+46 703 152333
Porträtt på Michael Classon

Michael Classon

Project manager

+46 720 902246
Porträtt på Margitta Ekholm

Margitta Ekholm


+46 706 15 52 40
Porträtt på Frasse


Branch manager

Porträtt på Tage


Tail wagging assistant

Porträtt på Charlie


Pawesome colleague

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